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We are focused on the future of drone technology

No matter how long they are able to fly, what kind of cargo they carry, what new technologies are implemented - drones are going to change almost all business processes in the new manner. . .

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And that’s the point.

We need to adopt to further challenges and as AnteYa Ltd. we are prepared for it a little bit more.

What does it mean in practice?

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Electronics Services

We can provide electronics services - to built up very unique and customised electronic devices (e.g. our flight controller, electronic boards, sensors, navigations modules, servo mechanisms, telemetry, etc.) to successfully control and monitor your drones.

Diagnostics Services

We can provide diagnostic services - our unique Drones Control Station (DCS) is ready to calibrate and test your drone regardless of type, size, cargo capacity and batteries included. Additionally you can analyse and visualise data coming from DCS itself as well from the drone.


Engineering Services

We can provide engineering services - to design, develop, prototype and built any kind of drones. What we only expect from our customers is to transfer their needs to business goals..


Programming Services

We can provide programming services - our software is dedicated to assign # of drones to # of targets, using genetic algorithms to optimise your mission, your flight routes, your parking spaces and additional conditions. And on top of, drones can fly as a SWARM, using different formations to reach targets.

Training Services

Last but not least, we can provide training services - our professional and certified team of drones operators are ready to not only to train you (including racing drones practice sessions) but they can built your own drone from scratch, test it and then use it within the mission.

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Mayden House,

Long Bennington Business Park,

Long Bennington NG23 5DJ

Company number: 11539572

VAT ID: GB 311073359
(+44) 07523 801 881

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